Simplified whitepaper (coming soon)
If you weren’t already aware, your entire transaction history and token balances are completely public on the blockchain, which can be analysed using block explorers like Etherscan. Anyone who desires can view your balances, incoming and outgoing payments, trace the source of your funds and more.
What if you didn’t want all of this and more viewable by the public? It doesn’t need to be for nefarious reasons, you might just value your privacy like myself. Our goal is to provide the BEST decentralized payment protocol, allowing users to deposit and withdraw funds anonymously, whilst protecting your identity and hiding your blockchain activities for whatever your reason may be.
Void improves transaction privacy by eliminating the on-chain link between the recipient and destination address. It utilises a smart contract that accepts deposits that can be withdrawn to a separate address. We won't be limited by just a mixer. Void will stand out amongst it's competitors by forming it's own ever-growing ecosystem; constantly improving, updating and adapting each and every single day. In addition, our DAO (governance protocol) will be a defining factor towards the proposals made going forward. Staked users will be able to create or vote upon proposals, relative to the amount of tokens they're staking.