Governance (DAO)

We aim for the community of VCASH to progressively play a large role in decisions made regarding the future of our project. "With no central governing body, every member within a DAO typically shares a common goal and attempt to act in the best interest of the entity." Holders who stake VCASH will be able to vote and even cast proposals, relative to their staked holdings. Proposals will be made and voted upon from (our first proposal has to be made). In addition to future decision-making, we will from a void treasuring that contains funds which are immutable and cannot be accessed by anyone (team or community). The treasury will collect fees (WETH) from our token, mixer and other future products offered by Void. In addition, proposals can and will be made to use generated funds in order to buyback and burn VCASH tokens, further decreasing the circulating supply and thus the value of the token.