dApp (VOID)

Our decentralized, anonymous transfer protocol
Void is a completely decentralized, anonymous transfer protocol which eliminates the on-chain link between the recipient and destination address. It utilises a smart contract that accepts deposits that can be withdrawn to a separate address. Our dApp is a mixer (or tumbler) that mixes streams of identifiable cryptocurrency. What this does is greatly improve the anonymity of transactions as it makes crypto much harder to trace.
Transfer protocol tokenomics
The tokenomics and rewards to stakers are as followed — .4% out of the 0.6% fee of all payments through our APP (Deposits only) will be split amongst stakers; the amount you stake will be proportionate to the amount you earn (the more you stake, the more you earn).
Rewards will be in the form of Ethereum and automatically dispersed to your wallet at the start of each week (this is to save gas and better optimise the contract).
In addition, 0.2% of the fee will go to the dev wallet for marketing and other expenses. Those that are holding above a certain amount of tokens (TBA) will be able to use the service free of charge.
Also worth mentioning, in addition to the 0.6% deposit fee there will be a variable relayer fee ranging from 0.2–0.5%.
Last modified 7mo ago