Common Questions

Common questions and answers
What separates VCASH from its competitors?
Void will not just be an anonymous transfer protocol. We will be building an ecosystem around our native token "VCASH" through partnerships and continuous development. Within the first week of launching our token, we will have a functioning dApp and staking live. This is truly just the beginning; imagine what the future holds for us in a month, 6 months, 12 months and so forth, the possibilities are truly endless when it comes to building out our ecosystem.
How will the staking work?
Holders of VCASH tokens will be able to head to our website ( and open a pool with the amount of tokens they would like to stake; there will be no minimum lockup time, however rewards will be paid out at the end of every week. Once the user selects how many VCASH tokens they would like to stake, they can select the "confirm" button and a wallet prompt will appear on screen to approve tokens and a further prompt to send your tokens to our smart contract. Stakers will be paid only in Ethereum rewards sent directly to their wallets. (There will be no set APY, it is simply based off weekly volume).
Why did you choose the name ""
By definition, a void is a completely dark and empty space. In reference to our anonymous transfer protocol, the name "void" describes how our mixer masks user deposits via the protocol and makes their withdrawals almost impossible to trace.
Is the token (VCASH) deflationary and if so, how?
As it currently stands the answer is no, the token is not deflationary. However, we do have future plans to execute post launch of our anonymous protocol dApp. Some of the ideas we are currently considering are: 1. Using a percentage of the fees taken from coin swaps and or using our smart contracts to do an automatic buy back and burn weekly/monthly. 2. Doing a manual buyback and burn based on the total volume ran through our mixer, this would likely be a scheduled monthly event if we are to do so.
What benefits will holders of VCASH tokens receive? The benefits of holding VCASH as it currently stands are as followed: - Holders with over 1% of the total supply will be able to use our mixing tool with a 0% service fee - Participation in proposals within our DAO (Relative to tokens held/staked. - Staking (available within a week post launch of our mixer)